The Creation of the World

Long ago, the Primordial Titans created the world from Chaos. Bored with one another, the Primordials sought to make more amusing playthings, and breathed life into Creation, fashioning crude, horrible creatures they tormented and teased, which we call today the First Ones. When the Titans tired of these mewling horrors, they tore open reality and cast the First Ones aside into the nothingness that is now called the Far Realms to languish, die, and be forgotten. Having refined their techniques, the Titans next created more pleasing entities, known now as the Gods. The Gods were more enlightened and more beautiful than the First Ones, and the Titans tasked them with filling the world with wonders. The Gods excelled in this endeavor, fashioning for their Titan creators everything that is or was, filled with the joy a child feels in pleasing its parent. Soon, the Gods created the Kith, the races who value life, and the Nigh, the races who value death, and these races covered the world soon. The Kith and the Nigh loved their Godly shapers, and gave homage, praise, and sacrifice to them. This devotion annoyed the Titans, who jealously commanded that the Kith and the Nigh be slaughtered and new beings devoted only to the Titans be created in their place. The Gods were shocked by this command, and they balked, pleading with their parents, and finally, defying their will completely. Enraged, the Titans attacked the Gods and their creations, beginning the Dawn War.

The Dawn War

For untold years the Dawn War raged, consuming much of the world in flood, fire, darkness, and death. The Gods fought bravely, and their creations battled at their sides, their love and worship granting their Godly parents the strength to continue fighting against the seemingly unstoppable Titans. Even so, the Gods began to fail one by one, and some were even destroyed. In the end, however, it was the long-forgotten First Ones who turned the tide. Bursting from the Far Realm in an orgy of destruction and terror, the First Ones returned to the world, their rage unquenchable and ungovernable. They attacked the Gods and the Titans alike, a mad plague of ever-shifting forms and unimaginable horrors. The First Ones overwhelmed the Titan of the Sun and slew him, plunging the world into the Long Night. The world began to freeze, and countless mortals died. One god, long unnamed, was slain by his chosen lieutenants who plundered his realm and thought to save themselves by bargaining a separate peace with the Titans.  Their Titanic parents smashed them into the earth and twisted them into the horrid devils. Many of the Nigh began to worship the First Ones, turning from their Godly parents in fear and hope of being spared. However, a glimmer of hope appeared as the Gods realized that, while they could not defeat the Titans on their own, by following the destruction blazed by the mad First Ones and using that chaos to begin a cohesive attack, the Gods could tip the balance against the Titans with the First Ones as unwitting allies. The Titans could not withstand this change of strategy, and one by one, they were defeated, destroyed, or imprisoned. Some powerful elementals, ungoverned by the Titans, became the first demons and created for themselves a home in the empty mansion of their creators which came to be known as the Abyss. Sunastien became the new Sun, lighting the way for his brothers and sisters in victory. The Gods organized new defense against the First Ones, binding them with magic and cunning, banishing many back to the Far Realms, though some certainly remain, hidden in the dark places of the world. The devils were banished into the darkest pits of Creation, and the fierce god Dom became their jailer. The vast energies that had been unleashed by the deaths of so many powerful beings began to coalesce into the Spirits, entities linked to the material world that became a potent shield against things unearthly and unnatural. 

The Gods Depart

For a time, the Gods remained with the Kith and the Nigh, guiding them, but realized that their presence would someday become as divisive and disastrous as the Titans’. In the end, they taught their creations all they could, and withdrew from the world, leaving the races to tend to their own affairs. The faerie folk went with the wise god Vangel into the Feywild to learn magic, many Nigh followed their First One cults into the darkness of the Underdark, and the other Kith and Nigh were left to as they pleased in the new world. This time after the departure of the Gods was a period of unparalleled growth and stability where great kingdoms sprang up all over the world. Culture, art, and philosophy flourished. Knowledge spread, but there was still much to learn. Gradually, however, mistrust and deviance from the will of the Gods awakened war and jealousy.

The Worldly Age

Now the lands of the world are much divided and many generations have passed. Kingdoms have risen and fallen, and the world has been much changed. Much of what was sacred and special has been forgotten or hidden, dragged into secret places by jealous protectors or ransacked and lost in far away places. People live their lives as they choose, influenced by the teachings of long ago gods whose power still echoes in the world. Darkness gathers, and evil gnaws at the world's roots, and now more than ever, heroes are needed.  


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