Welcome to Blackcliff, city on the edge of the Abyss. They say that long ago, a star fell and smashed this great hole in the earth, like a child poking his finger through the top of a pie crust. But there was no savory filling underneath. In fact, no one really knows what's down there. Three rivers meet at this terrible great hole and fall off the edge, turning into rain and mist, but it never fills up.  There should be a bloody great lake, but there isn't.  Instead, there's just this huge roiling cloud of mist. It swirls and surges, churns endlessly, that's why locals call it the Boil or the Cauldron. But most people (especially those who live far away) call it the Abyss, because it frightens them. People been coming here ever since the starfall, first a bunch of monks and pilgrims to see the wrath of the gods. Some people set up shop to sell them food and trinkets, and the city grow from there. Some of these trinkets are made out of the strange rocks people find in the shattered earth at the edge of the Abyss, odd crystals that bewitch the eye and linger in one's thoughts. Then King Owsley the Wise sent his good knight Duke Hugo and just like that, this is Blackcliff, and Duke Hugo digs great quarries, both to get at these pieces of fallen star (for what else can it be?) and to build his new castle-keep, and then his sons and grandsons build the rest of the great city, though maybe it ain't as great as it once was.  Strange things have always happened here, at least since the star fell. People get a bit strange in Blackcliff.  Is it the weird little trinkets cut from starstone? Is is the mist churning and whirling and sometimes seeming like its lit from underneath? Is it something else?  Blackcliff is, after all, pretty far out in the wilderness, at the southern edge of the Noble Lands.   Strange lands crowd in at all sides, and strange folk come out of the wilderness.  King Owsley and Duke Hugo are long gone now. The pilgrims built churches, but some say they aren't all praying to the right gods, or even to gods at all. This city is full of secrets. Welcome to where the world ends.

At the World's End