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Cosmology, a brief history of Creation

Gods of the Kith

Heimner, the Loud-Shouter, Thunderer – Good

Reya, Lady of Law, Mother of Cities – Lawful Good

Rheinhardt, Diamondfist, the Smith – Lawful Good

Shan, the Warden, Protector of the Light – Good

Sunastien, the Shining, Sun-Father – Lawful Good

Vangel, Grand Magus, All-Wise – Unaligned

Vor, Green Lady, the Bountiful – Good

Gods of the Nigh

Allimandra, the Ill-Mother, Queen of the Drow – Evil

Chroma, Mother of Dragons, the Ur-Hydra – Unaligned

Grimgoth, Crone Queen, Hag of Hags, the Greedy – Chaotic Evil

Ulvi, the Tainted, Lavablood

Vladrak, the Hungry, Devourer of All – Chaotic Evil

Tyranthraxis, the Iron Tyrant, Lord of Ooze – Evil 

The Gods of No Favor

Brand, the Despised, Accursed – Unaligned

Dom, Hell's Warden, Forger of Chains – Evil

Klaia, the Subtle, Moon-Daughter – Unaligned

Osmura, Fae-Queen, Lady of Worlds – Unaligned

Undyne, the Trickster, Fool – Good



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